About - Saathealth

What we do

Saathealth is building healthier childhoods by creating a digital ecosystem to meet the needs of young, under-served families. Our mobile-led experiences integrate with the local ecosystem to serve the holistic health, education and livelihood needs of our users.


We believe that every family should be empowered with the knowledge and resources to secure a healthy future for their children.

Our story

Saathealth was founded on 15th August 2018 with a vision to integrate health and technology to reach the under-served population in India. The goal was strengthening of communities through the empowerment of young families that are motivated by the prospect of a better future for their children.

Founder and CEO, Aakash Ganju, was inspired to change the narrative of health and development in India by providing children with the opportunity for a healthy start. Prior to Saathealth, Aakash spent 8 years leading multi-partner consortia to develop and deploy sustainable health technology solutions serving patients in the HIV and women’s health domains.

Saathealth is an impact-focused digital enterprise that is improving the lives of underserved communities. We do this by driving behavior changes incentivized through integrating with the local merchant ecosystem. Forging these partnerships have provided an opportunity for more community stakeholders to invest in health and nutrition through their products.

The Saathealth model is transforming the way our communities think about health and development. Keeping in mind that behavior is powerfully influenced by our emotions, environment, as well as by how options are presented to us; Saathealth users are encouraged to make better choices for their children. By leveraging mobile phone penetration and a growing digital literacy to deliver healthcare messages in low-resource settings, we help families build healthier childhoods. If we can change the beginning, we can change the entire story.

The opportunity

Emerging internet consumers

Rapidly increasing mobile penetration is opening up a new market of first-time internet consumers, estimated at 500 million in India alone.

Local language internet

The emerging internet user consumes the internet differently, and vernacular languages are enabling new experiences and opportunities for these consumers.

Securing a healthier future

With over 250 million children born in India over the next 10 years, young families are more open to adopting healthier behavior changes.

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